Wooden Furniture

Most of you must have seen Wooden Furniture in stores, at restaurants and homes and may have the idea of getting one with customisation according to your needs. We do accept your ideas, tell us how you would like your Wooden Furniture to be (you may provide images and how you want to change it) and we will do it for you.


Wood Chips

Wood chips are solid materials produced from cutting wood. Wood chips may be used as a biomass solid fuel, used for gardening and it is raw material for the production of wood pulp. Our wood chips are classified into two types of sizes: hardwood chips and softwood chips.


Construction Timber

Timber are often used for and as construction materials. Companies may use timbers for building wooden house, house structures, making furniture such as bed frames, cupboards, tables and chairs and as scaffolding boards or planks. With your requirements, we will cut timbers according to the sizes and materials that are being requested.


Wooden Pallet

Wooden Pallet, generally known as Wooden Packaging is our core product that we manufacture and supply locally as well as export.
We are ISPM 15 Certified Company with ID-079 that could carry out treatment for all wooden packaging products that will be use for export purpose.
Our production capacity is more than 18,000 units/month.
Contact us now for your required Wooden Packaging model and we will quote you the BEST PRICE we could!

Copy the following and email to us at “” or Proceed to “Contact Us” Tab and fill the form

General Information needed from you:
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Enquiry Type Wooden Pallet
Full Name = _______
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Contact No. = _______
Company Name = _______
Company Address = _______
Size of the Wooden Packaging = _______
Model Drawing (Sample) = have or don’t
Usage = what will be loaded
ISPM 15 (Heat Treatment) = required or not
Quantity = _______ pcs/month
Local use or Export = _______
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